Best Personal Cloud Storage for unlimited Data Backup

Free storage comes with many limits. People are no more dependent on Google drive or any other free storage. Today people are more cautious of securing their data at a safer place & opt for a paid service.

Here we have created the list of leading cloud drive providers.

Points to consider, while choosing your preferred Cloud Drive:

  • Uptime: don’t go for cloud storage with frequent downtime issues.
  • Scalability: How easily you can increase your storage plan for huge backup files.
  • Affordable & no hidden cost: Understand the pricing model & also check its pricing at renewal. Don’t go for the cloud drive provider with a negligible amount initially but real charges at renewal.
  • Data security.
  • Easy to use.
  • Don’t think for a short term perspective.
  • Financial stability & credentials of the company.

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#1 Carbonite

With more than a million customers, Carbonite is one of the best platforms for Home & personal use storage.

Carbonite is an example of a company that gradually & consistently upgraded itself and became a big name in this segment. It has also expanded by acquiring many companies including EVault, Double-Take Software and Webroot.

In the year 2019, Carbonite itself was acquired by OpenText, a prominent company in information management applications.

Needless to say, it provides one of the best options for your personal data storage.

The starting plan offers Unlimited cloud backup for your computer.

Check Carbonite Plans & pricing.

You may start with Carbonite drive for free - Get initial 15 days for free & use it as a backup to your files stored on Computer. Register here.

#2 IDrive

IDrive offers the cloud drive which can be used for all of the devices through a single account. It can truly create backup for your unlimited devices, including multiple PCs.

Other features:

  • Easy to use from any device.
  • Secured environment.
  • Data sync.
  • Drag & drop feature for files.
  • You can use multiple users within your storage limit.
  • Physical shipment of data (Pls check with IDrive)
  • Free account with 5GB data.

Create free account with IDrive

#3 BlackBlaze

Backblaze offers unlimited storage...Unbelievable, but it's true...

Just like Facebook did, Backblaze started first as an online service to friends. Backblaze started in 2007 by offering the online backup of friend's computers.

Apart from providing personal storage backup, now Backblaze offers cloud storage and backup services to businesses.

Backblaze comes with three payment plans - $6/month, $60/year or $110 for two years.

Other features:

  • In addition to PC, access files on iPhone, iPad or Android.
  • Secured environment.
  • The option of having a personal key for enhanced security. You may opt for 256 GB flash drive ($99) FedEx to you or an external drive up to 8 TB ($189).
  • Back up all of your attached external drives.
  • Automatic or scheduled backups
  • The option of Physical shipment of data files.
  • Locate a missing or stolen computer


Try Backblaze free for Unlimited Backup

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