Inshot Video Editor Android App (11/16)

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InShot is an all-in-one video editor and HD image editor for both android and iOS. You’ll be able to trim or edit your clips together, and add filters, and more smoothly through this video editing app.


  • Several colour correction options
  • Various additional filters
  • Editing of Watermark is possible after watching the ad before exploring the video
  • Flip and rotate footage


  • Supports multiple video layer
  • Supports all major size videos
  • Short format video editing


  • Absence of extra fancy features
  • Not user-friendly for longer format video edits

 Why pick this app:

  • Those looking for editing for basic edits, collages, and Photo edits can try installing this excellent video editing app.


  • INR 3122.39  Gives lifetime access to Pro version
  • INR 318.77/month for access to Pro version



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