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It is not unknown that Amazon is a well-known international e-commerce site with its best services and electronic products. This site has become the best shopping site in India, according to many, however, many think otherwise and favor Flipkart. You have to pay attention to the ratings and reviews of the products for a better experience.


  • One tap order with digital dash button
  • Refund for late package
  • Shareable prime benefits
  • Free delivery over a certain amount
  • Reliable reviews
  • Cash on delivery options
  • Keep products on the cart.


  • Voice search via Alexa
  • Best benefits for prime members
  • Discounted shipping rates or free shipping over a specific price
  • Excellent customer service
  • Track your products after it’s out for delivery

Where it’s Lacking?

  • Sometimes, commingling merchandise can be scary.
  • Difficult sales tax

Why shop here?

It is the leading online website for electronics and home appliances products at affordable prices in India. Moreover, it is a user-friendly website providing extra benefits for Amazon Prime members.

Written by Pallavi

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