The Greatest Game Ever Played Movie 2005 – full movie (15/20)

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The Greatest Game Ever Played is based on thereal-life careers of two genius golf champions, British Harry Vardon (StephenDillane) and American Francis Ouimet (Shia LaBeouf), and follows their very different childhoods. Since they both come from working-class families, they must conquer racism on separate continents to play together.


The Greatest Game Ever Played, like Hoosiers, Recall theTitans, The Rookie, and Miracle belongs to the sports sub-genre. The aim of these films is to re-mythologize sports by using true stories, bucking thetrend of digging up dirt to smear celebrity reputations. Those stories havetheir place, too, but it’s nice to see an inspirational story now and then, andThe Greatest Game Ever Played is as feel-good as any sports film you’ll see.


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