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Was 26/11 a joint operation of UPA and Pakistn Army, as claimed by Subramanian Swami?

26 11 a joint operation of Congress upa & Pakistn Army ISI

Recently, a claim made by legendary thinker and BJP MP, Subramanyam Swami that 26/11 was a joint operation of UPA and Pakistan Army!

This is not a new claim, earlier RVS Mani also made similar claims in his book.


How do you react to it? Share your views in this poll.

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    Do you agree with Subramanyam Swami, as he said that 26/11 was a joint operation of UPA and Pakistan Army?

    • Yes, all series of events suggest it & Subramanyam Swami has read it well!
    • No, it’s just a hypothesis!
    • I can’t say
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    2. Also Mr. Sawami said that NDA should not have given the ‘Bharat Ratna’ to Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen & termed him as a traitor! Whats your take?

    • Yes, I do agree with Mr. Swami
    • No, I am proud of Amartya Sen
    • I can’t say!

What do you think?

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