What’s Your take on Firecracker Ban by Delhi Govt?


As Diwali is just approaching, the Delhi Government has already declared on 11th September 2023, that there will be a total Ban on Firecrackers during Diwali season. These measures are the part of Delhi Government’s pollution control plan. Following are the key points of the Crackers Ban in Delhi:

  • Total Ban on manufacturing, sales, storage, and use of firecrackers in Delhi.
  • Any of the abovementioned acts will attract the punishment of a fine of up to Rs. 5000/- and 3 years of jail under Section 9B of the Explosives Act.

As you might be aware in the year 2022, there were a total of five states which banned the firecrackers. Those five states were – Delhi, Punjab, West Bengal, Tamilnadu and Haryana. You may expect the same in 2023 also.

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  • Question of

    What is your Take on Delhi Govt banning Firecrackers on Deepawali?

    • Right Decision, I support it
    • Can’t say
    • Sad, it’s Unjust to Hindus and this will dampen the joy of the Festival
  • Question of

    As alleged by many Hindu outfits that Pollution issue is just an execuse to ban Firecrackers/Crackers on Diwali. What you think?

    • Yes Agree
    • Not agree because Delhi City becomes a complete gas chamber in Winters
  • Question of

    How does this ban impact you?

    • This will help us to enjoy pollution free Deepawali & better health to Delhites
    • This will completely dampen the joy of the festival which we used to celebrate for ages
    • It will not impact me in any way. Neither I am happy nor sad with this ban

What do you think?

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