Has PETA raised the valid point on Rakshabandhan or Shefali Vaidya right in exposing PETA?

Many of you might have seen this hoarding or images of it, as shown in this tweet. Through this hoarding, PETA India tried to send a message that on this Rakshabandhan, protect cows by going leather-free. This is a very unclear message, where people are not able to understand the relation between ‘cow-leather’ and ‘Rakhi’.

A well-known face on social-media, Shefali Vaidya first raised a strong objection on this banner. That created rage among her followers and netizens. People on social media saw it as a part of a systematic attack on Hindu festivals.

Netizens allege that, from this banner, the indirect message coming out is – ‘protect cows by not using/wearing/sending Rakhi’ or ‘somehow puzzle people & create a discord about this festival’.

There are thousands of tweets coming on this matter.


There is are a similar poster in Hindi & other languages too…

Check on twitter #PetaIndiaExposed which is trending for a few days!

Do express your opinion on this matter!

  • Question of

    How do you see the PETA India banner on Rakshabandhan?

    • This is an excellent banner, which is easy to understand and rightly raised the issue. I support PeTA India
    • This is a very confusing message, that actually puzzled people. There is no relation between ‘Cow-leather’ and ‘Rakshabandhan festival & Rakhi’. I have found his in ‘bad taste’. I am concerned about such campaigns.
    • I am fine with it and people should ignore this matter
  • Question of

    Do you agree with Shefali Vaidya on this matter?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Does this PeTA India Banner campaign hurt the Hindu sentiments for Rakhabandhan Festival?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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