Is 2000’s period is comparatively Boring than the period of 90’s?

90s memorable music

Are you among those, who had a period of 90’s as the best & most exciting period of your entire life? Do you feel that you live this period at its fullest capacity?

Can you remember these Hindi songs from 90’s?

Dhire-Dhire Se Meri Zindagi Main Aana…

Wo to hai Albela Hazaaron Main Akela…

Aei Kash Ki Hum Hosh Mein Ab Aane Na Paayein….

Tumse Milne Ko Dil Karta Hai Baba…

Raahon Mein Unse Mulakaat Ho Gayi, Aahahahaha, Jisse Darte The Wo Hi Baat Ho Gayi…

Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahin…

Dekha Hai Pahli Baar Saajan Ki Aakhon Main Pyar…

Bahut Pyar Karte Hain, Tumse Sanam…

Rahne Ko Ghar Nahin, Sone Ko Bistar Nahin…

And many more literally…

My God, how can I forget my tryst with 90’s, that period was so mesmerizing, so much wonderful…..BUT WHY?????

I have also checked with people 10 & 15 years elder to me & also with 5-10 years younger to me, But one thing is really common among most of us… There was no other decade of my life, that was better than the 90’s?

Let’s check with you all, that what’s your opinion?

Answer some sensitive 90’s questions & there will be only two options to each question…

Let’s understand this mystery collectively!!!

  • Question of

    Is the years of 2000’s are comparatively Boring than 90’s?

    • yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Is there any specific reason, why your 90’s memories are the best-ever memories of your entire life?

    • 90's music
      90’s Mesmerizing Music
    • teen age
      I was in my teen age then
    • No internet
      Because there was no internet & mobile then
    • love
      I was in love then

What do you think?

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