Should Government of India ban the gaming app PUBG in India?

should PUBG be banned in India
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Just after the ban on Chinese mobile apps by the Government of India, now people are demanding the ban on the PUBG gaming app in India. But, one thing should be noted here that PUBG is not a Chinese mobile app, but a South Korean one.

There are many reasons people are demanding the ban on PUBG. It is claimed that PUBG got a bad name in the previous few years when many teens and young students lost their lives by following instructions & completing the tasks while playing the gaming app. Now people are claiming that this is very addictive and it’s not easy to come out of its addictive passion.

It was reported earlier that school kids became so addictive that they denied going to schools. Moreover, there are many reported issues related to kids – violent behavior, disturbed psyche, very little time to study, and many other related issues.

Not to be surprised here that PUBG is already banned in some countries.

However, this is also true that this game got many awards internationally and it is free on mobile phones.

Let’s participate in this opinion poll related to some questions on banning PUBG in India…

  • Question of

    Should PUBG gaming app be banned in India?

    • yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Why Government of India should ban PUBG?

    • It’s addictive and consumes the time that is meant to study, sports, healthy gossip, family, eating and many other routine activities. Also it is harmful for entire family.
    • Because it is harmful for entire society and also bad for the future of our country
    • Because playing PUBG can make your kid violent and further harm anybody including family members and him-self! Further he or she may take any extreme step.
  • Question of

    Don’t you think we are overreacting on this matter by banning the gaming mobile app PUBG in India?

    • So what! It is a necessary step and is much needed for the benefit of individuals, family, society and country
    • Yes, ban is not required.
    • Government should approach PUBG first and ask them, how they can address the issues related to it and later take the decision on the matter

What do you think?

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