Top 10 & Best Online Nursery to Buy Plants in India

When it comes to buying plants online in India, finding the best online nursery can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s important to choose a reliable and trustworthy source that offers a wide variety of healthy plants.

Considering the people’s great interest in creating healthy and natural surroundings this inspired us to do some study and research to present you this piece of content. Probably this post contributes to creating a greener world that can improve the lives of the greatest species on the planet Earth. Here I am introducing you to the Best online plant nursery sites in India. Such a list of top websites in India is much needed for those, who are looking for a variety of plants available online.

The earth is known as a green planet as a result of plants on it. Found in various unique colors, they can fit any sort of space with grace. Pre-planned garden designs are ideal for newbie gardeners. You would simply adore the miniature landscaping provided in the terrariums and fairy garden sections displayed on the website. A lot of people get into gardening solely for their care for our environment and inner peace.

In India still, there is no big nursery available that could be called the Amazon or Google of the segment, though there are many players that are growing gradually.

All online nurseries, which are there with their seriousness in promoting greenness are worth to be mentioned here.

best online nursery plants
Online plant nurseries

List of Top 10/Best Online Plant & Tree Nursery in India

We have been watching the journey of Online Plant Nurseries in India for the previous six years, and some of the top 10 players have already left this segment. For instance, a few online portals of nurseries are not available now, which include – and

This list of best online plants and trees selling sites is based on these factors –

  • Our extensive online research
  • Insights from experts
  • Tracking of Alexa ranking of the sites since the year 2017, however, Amazon has stopped the Alexa website ranking service now. Therefore now this data is not available.

Check the leading sites in the Following Categories –

A. Popular Nursery Sites to buy online plants, garden, and outdoor needs

B. Niche Online Nursery sites for Plats, Trees, Flowers and Gifting

C. Wholesale Plant Nurseries for bulk buying

D. Cheap plants Nurseries

#1. Amazon India

Amazon online nursery for plants
Amazon India

You may also check its Garden and Outdoor category for its entire range of related products. Amazon is surely the Jack of all trades in India, as far as online shopping is concerned. Not to be surprised, Amazon is also present in online plant & tree selling. It is not only into the plants selling but also provides a complete range of garden care products.

#2. NurseryLive


Established in October 2014, in Pune – Nurserylive is an internet marketplace that has plants, seeds, fertilizers, bulbs, pebbles, pots, planters, and much more.

NurseryLive is now India’s largest online nursery, which has fully grown vastly during a short span of time, by achieving a high volume of sales and building an enormous client base.

Nurserylive sells quite 5000 stock-keeping units (SKUs) of plants, seeds, and garden accessories, all accessible in one place.

#3. Ugaoo

Ugaoo best online nursery for plants

Ugaoo comes with the heritage of a 130-year-old agriculture firm, Namdeo Umaji Agritech Pvt. Ltd. Ugaoo has been operating closely with farmers and helps give prime quality organic seeds among different merchandise. It is currently implementing a repurchase scheme for farmers, who get their agricultural seeds/ products from Ugaoo.

Ugaoo offers an extensive range of plant species, from flowering plants to succulents, indoor plants to outdoor varieties. Their website is user-friendly and allows you to easily navigate through different categories and find the perfect plant for your needs.

Since its launch, Ugaoo has value-added 1600 types of merchandise, from seeds, pots, horticulture tools, and books to cater to the growing market desires. It recently introduced a replacement class, live plants, and plans to feature one hundred new plants a month with the aim of changing into the biggest online player in the country.

Ugaoo is additionally fixing a horticulture professionals team that might cater to the urban population and came upon edible gardens and terrace gardens for his or her customers in Pune and Mumbai to push their ‘Grow your own Food’ campaign.

#4. Flipkart

Flipkart to buy plants online

You can easily find a wide variety of plants and trees to suit your preferences and needs at the Flipkart portal. The big advantage is that transportation cost is not on the higher side like many portals mentioned here.

Even though it’s not a dedicated platform for plants and nurseries, still here and at Amazon you can find the plants/trees from the widest range of small sellers spread over the country. This might not be the case with the dedicated portals for online plant selling.

#5. PlantsLive

#6. Santhi Online

Santhi Online Plants
Santhi Online Plants

#7. Kadiyam Nursery

Kadiyam Nursery
Kadiyam Nursery

One of the top contenders for the best online nursery for plants in India is Kadiyam Nursery. This well-established platform has gained a reputation for providing high-quality plants and exceptional customer service.

#8. Joginder Nursery

Joginder Nursery
Joginder Nursery

With the primary area of operation in Delhi/NCR, JoginderNursery has developed itself into a landscape architecture & design firm. It also delivers plants online. One can find a vast collection of various types of greenery & fruit-producing vegetation here.

Its seeds were sowed 73 years back by Mr. Joginder Singh Saini, who initiated Joginder Nursery from a compact leased place at Gurudwara Rakabganj in New Delhi.

Joginder Nursery has a tie-up with many top-notch corporate houses. Along with corporate tie-ups, they are spreading their wings to the consumer segment.

#9. Chhajed Garden / Sanjay Nursery

Chhajed Garden
Chhajed Garden

Not to be surprised here, both are the same. Chhajed Garden is the online shop of Sanjay Nursery, which has been gardening for more than thirty years. Sanjay Nursery, Pune is one of the biggest nurseries in India.

#10. Nafees Nursery

Nafees Nursery wholesale and plant exporter
Nafees Nursery

Established in 1932, Nafees is also a big name in the segment. It is based out in Malihabad, Lucknow. Malihabad, a town close to Lucknow, is world-renowned for its mangoes and has a thriving export business.

Nafees Nursery has developed a ‘sugar-free’ sweet mango, that too on a similar plant. Diabetic patients must be thankful to Nafees for this brilliant work. They also export the live plants to other countries. Surely it is one of the favorite online destinations to buy Indian vegetation, seeds, fruit & forest trees.

If you’re looking for the best site to buy specifically fruit plants online in India, Nafees should definitely be on your radar. With their wide selection, quality assurance, and stellar customer service, they are dedicated to making your plant buying experience enjoyable and successful. However, they could be more useful if you want to buy plants in bulk.

#11. PlantsGuru

buy plants online india from Plantsguru

#12. Green My Life


Green My Life is a Bangalore-based gardening specialized firm. In comparison with other nurseries, Green My Life has a strong team of 150+ architects, landscape designers, horticulturists, and other specialized professionals.

They have given a different approach and flavor to gardening and landscaping services & products. They can deliver the plants & other items across the country. However, landscaping services are limited to Bangalore only.

#13. Nurturing Green

Nurturing Green
Nurturing Green

If you have ever heard the green gifting term “Gift a Plant” in India. Nurturing Green claims they coined this term. Nurturing Green started its operations in the year 2009 and pioneered the concept of Green Gifting.

Apart from green gifting, it also focuses on landscaping & green decoration.

Nurturing Green has a couple of important sales distribution channels. The plant pot needs to be replaced every couple of years in a clean peat mixture. Absolutely it is the ideal platform to discover that specific vegetation you are searching for! 

#14. Exoticflora

Exoticflora for flowers and plants

#15. Mashrita


What sets Mashrita apart from others is its commitment to delivering healthy and well-maintained plants. They ensure that each plant goes through rigorous quality checks before being shipped, guaranteeing that you receive only the finest specimens.

Moreover, their customer reviews speak volumes about their reliability and professionalism. Customers have praised their prompt delivery service and excellent packaging, ensuring that your precious plants arrive in pristine condition. You will surely find this platform quite useful if you are looking for plants/gifts for your business, clients, or corporates.

#16. Shailesh Nursery

#17. FNP (Ferns and Petals)

FNP is among the niche websites in India, specifically for premium gifting.

#18. My Bageecha

#19. Setgreen

Which site to choose?

It all depends on your own preference, what you want to have!

Check what type of stuff you want, say Best site for Flowers, indoor plants, trees for your own home/office or you want to gift it to somebody. Accordingly, you may choose from the given list.

Let’s see, What internet stats say about online nurseries!

Let’s see, What internet stats say about online nurseries!

Best online Nursery – Alexa Ranking as per June 2019 & February 2017 :

A Higher Alexa ranking means more visitors.

S.No.WebsiteAlexa India & World Rank of websites
(As of 6th Feb 2016)
(As of 10th June 2019)
1NurseryLiveN.A. 2,895 / 38,539
2UgaooN.A.15,700 / 267,136
3PlantsGuru 34,658 / 382,829 27,254 / 342,871
4MashritaN.A.47,371 / 525,948
5Green My Life N.A.57,537 / 475,655
6Nurturinggreen N.A.73,720 / 1,321,594
7chhajed Garden33,230 / 76,86774,694 / 747,275
(website link not opening)
290,713 / 2,832,669 98,265 / 988,041
9Joginder Nursery
Website not working for last sometime!
131,545 / 1,524,588 108,983 / 1,344,651
10Ankur Nursery99,723 / 1,277033168,337 / 1,636,238
11Indian Nursery138,839 / 1,228,130328,005 / 2,511,478
12My Cloud Forest238,132 / 3,142,134N.A. / 2,777,360
13Nafees Nursery117,752 / 1,667,444N.A. / 5,250,375
14Pansare Nursery345,296 / 5,478,064N.A. / 5,319,461
15Living Gifts168,607 / 13,53,154 N.A. / 6,077,128

There are a few portals, that are not accessible now, mentioned below:

  • Lawnkart ( Alexa Rank in 2017 (112,151 / 1,367,026 )
  • Gardenesia ( – Alexa Rank in 2017 ( 204,823 / 1,819,255 )

Can I start my own plant Nursery?

The nursery is similar to a mini-jungle. You can begin a backyard collection of in-demand flora-fauna in your free time. With only a little investment, should you opt for expanding it to a full-time small business. If people think of a nursery, the neighborhood garden center usually springs to mind. That’s how you can serve your neighborhood with ever-smiling greenery.

A little garden could have lots of merchandise for sale. If you would like your garden to seem mature and full of a rich collection in the very first calendar year, you must be aware of many useful facts. You will want to space young plants more closely or buy bigger plants. Some flowers are employed in aromatherapy also. Yellow leaves are an indicator of over-watering or bad drainage. Trees can’t be missed if you desire comprehensive landscaping.

What Should We Do?

This is every citizen’s duty to plant at least one tree and ensure that this will survive for the initial 5 years, as by then most of the trees will become sustainable up to an extent.

To live a graceful life also you must adopt 5 new trees as then only you could pay back the oxygen you are consuming and ensure a clean environment within your most near surrounding. In order to pay back to nature completely, as per one estimate every single human should retain the ratio of around 950 trees per person for the earth to stay in good health. At present this ratio is 422 trees per human being, which is around 46% less than what it should be.

Now the ball is in your court dear HUMAN!

If you like this GREEN Post, Share it with the community and help others to contribute to making our planet a greener world!

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