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It feels ‘stuffed’ by seeing the manipulation with facts, information, and even with the truth. Not to be surprised that most of the Indians are not counted before terming something like – India is with X opinion… or India disapprove or supports any issue of National importance or which may matter to you! Sadly most of such claims are motivated, that is just like the death of democracy & mockery of you people.

We, the majority of Indians are deprived class people, deprived of seeing the truth!

We at Billions Verdict, are trying to create a reliable & truthful platform, where you can see the honest opinion of Indians and also you can raise your voice in the most effective manner…Rest assure that national interest & integrity will never be compromised by BillionsVerdict.com.

We are working at the fullest of our potential, to make Billionsverdict.com a very useful tool for every Indian in the coming time. But, your every possible ‘Penny’ can help us, first, ‘to survive’ and then in ‘delivering fast’. Simply saying, your BIG help with even the small amount, may help us in being felt by Indians in the shortest possible timeframe.

We need your help, because, We, the majority of Indians are deprived class people… deprived of seeing the truth, that’s what we intend to serve. BillionsVerdict.com is a small initiative to let people express their opinion and see, what fellow Indians think. Serving truth with honesty & commitment to national integrity are our guiding forces.

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