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-# Best devotional Hindu songs, religious songs Hindu. Hindu religious songs, Hindu devotional music, Hindi devotional songs # -. Not every time you can listen to any kind of music, right? , Of course, we are driven by our mood and surroundings. Certain moods and suitable times we develop for certain habits so is the case with our choice of music.

Hindu music

We are immensely missing one thing from our lives without even realizing it, guess what? It’s soulful traditional Indian music. Contemporary Bollywood music has become too noisy to get relaxed on a long holiday outing with our family, there is no relief at all. If we talk about traditional Indian music, one should not expect to run away from Hindu religious connection.

For me and many other people in my surroundings, devotional Hindu religious songs or music are like Cosmic music which works as a great soul-healer & stress buster. I would like to consider examples of such miraculous Indian music from the period of Mughal emperor Akbar and one of his prominent Nav-Ratna – Tansen.

Tansen had so much control over ‘ Raagas ‘, that he could achieve astonishing feats by singing them. He could make wild animals like Elephants listen to him and obey him by singing certain “Raagas ” to them. Similarly, if he sang an evening ‘ Raag ‘ during the daytime, the sunlight would diminish and it would look like it’s dusk already!

His most famous divine music was ‘ Raag Megh Malhar ‘, which would bring rain, and another miraculous ‘Raag Deepak ‘ was a landmark raga, which lit many Diya’s (lamps) in Akbar’s Darbar Hall.

Such is the power of music! So let’s breathe this shiny Saturday morning with 30-minute soulful music on your Bose SoundTouch wireless music system, irrespective of your place, whether you are lying on your cushy-mushy bed or at a beautiful Kerala beach house.

15 best devotional/divine Hindu songs & religious music for blessings

Please note that irrespective of the order given below, each & every song here is a masterpiece & you will love every song with great ease.

Below enlisted music is of many varieties so that the pattern will not be repeated and every single music is an epic in itself, its boundary-less soulful Indian music/bhajans are a treat for your soul :

#1. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: ” Saanson Ki mala pe Simran main pee ka naam “

One of the greatest Hindu songs / Bhajan sung by Nusrat

This will take you to a different world !!! , speechless !!!

Yes, you read it right, though Nusrat Sahab is Pakistani he is one of the greatest-ever ambassadors of Indian Classical music! This is so divine music that, whenever I tune in, it makes me lost completely. Only Nusrat Sahab could have done justice to this Epic BHAJAN originally sung by Meerabai (c. 1498 – c. 1557 AD), i.e. more than 500 years back. Can anybody imagine Nusrat Sahab has been singing this Hindu Bhajan with the names of Ram & Shyam for so long in Pakistan to mainly Muslim audiences without any controversy, this is the power of music that binds us together. Later this song with a female voice was also featured in the Hindi film ‘ Koyla ‘ starring Madhuri Dixit & Shahrukh Khan.

With so much command on”  sur & raga “, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan has made it a fusion and sung into both forms as a Bhajan & also as a Qawwali in this single song. We must understand that Nusrat Sahab uses most of the “Raga’s ” mentioned in ” Samveda “so brilliantly that a common human can also enjoy this, otherwise, we all know that with how complexity the classical music is being played by most of the classical musicians, that very few can enjoy. It seems that he has gone into ” SAMADHI ” while performing and audiences are getting the ” Nirvana ” without much effort.

There are many versions available online but this seems to be the best…It may be possible that you will hear this song whenever you have free time or when you are driving.

How beautiful are these lines…

??….Na main dekhu gair ko na tohe dekhan du…..neel gagan se bhi parey saiyaan ji ka gaon, darshan jal ki kammna pat rakhiyo hey raaam. jab se radha shyam ke nain huye hain char, shyam baney hain radhika, radha ban gye shyam. ab kismat ke hath hai is bandhan ki laaj. maine to mann likh diya sanwariya ke nam, ho..wo chatar hai kamini wo hai sundar naar. jiss pagli ny kar diya sajan ka mann raam………??

Saanson Ki Mala Pe – by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

#2. ‘Oum Namah Shivay’ chants by an American Sanyasi Krishna Das:

Krishna Das, born Jeffrey Kagel an American vocalist known for his devotional ” Kirtan ” performances. He is also sometimes referred to as the “Rockstar of Yoga”, most notably at the 2013 Grammy Awards, He was nominated for his album ‘ Live Ananda’ and later in 2014 he released another album ‘ Kirtan Wallah ‘.

He traveled to India in 1970 & went to many Hindu spiritual places. He was blessed to find a “guru” in Great Hindu Spiritual Guru – ” Neem Karoli Baba ” or Maharaj Ji. This unconventional Song/Jaap is also blessed with such spirituality which he found from the Indian Gurus.

Also, can you believe it? His GURU NEEM KAROLI BABA CHANTING AT THE BEGINNING! What a treat for all of you, this will surely have a positive effect on everyone listening to this music.

So let’s breathe with him and get Blessed!

#3. Hariom Sharan Music: Truly the Best ever Ambassador of Hinduism & Hindu Songs 

I usually call this man a divine soul and more precisely – who came into this world just to do one thing – to spread spirituality & re-ignite the spirituality in Indians. He passed away a couple of years back, but I am sure you can easily commemorate his voice from your childhood. He did not follow any such classical music complexity but everyone’s very much own voice that everyone even hummed around just like him. His two collections are the most famous Premanjali Pushpanjali ‘ & ‘ Hanuman Chalisa ‘

There are 13 devotional Hindu songs in Premanjali Pushpanjali & each one of them is a gem, you will surely admire every one of them and always.  These religious Hindu songs you can hear in any mood when you are happy or even depressed, The positive energy of these Hindi songs will surely benefit you and your surroundings.

I bet next time on the next auspicious day you will tune in to this lovely music & I am sure everyone will appreciate you for your choice.

#4. Mangal Bhawan Amangal Hari: ‘ Ram is everywhere in India ‘

Ram is everywhere in India to the extent it is even synonymous with saying hello or good morning/good night. The idea of Ram is dynamic all across India and has been like that for thousands of years. Since ages story of India has revolved around the Legendary Character ” Ram “Whenever you listen to this song/bhajan, you will surely lose your ‘I’ & transform into Ram.

#5. Hanuman Chalisa by Gulshan Kumar & Hariharan :

This devoted soul should get his part of appreciation for spreading soulful music to everybody’s reach, not only did he compose hundreds of Hindu religious songs, but voiced this beautifully sung Hanuman Chalisa song along with Hariharan, which usually we tune in whenever we play Hanuman Chalisa, this is as at same level as of Hari Om Sharan.

#6. Adharam Madhuram

There are few people in the world to whom the Lord gives some specific tasks, that’s what I feel. There are numerous much more famous singers we all know, but suddenly we all come to know that oh this is a new voice, and singing so well that this is beyond others.

That’s what Sohhini Mishra did with this song/stotram. She really sang this Stotra with a very soothing voice, calmness, and in a heart-touching manner. This song really can ease your stress in just a few minutes. After singing this voice you will start loving Madhurashtakam and you will make it a habit to listen to attain happiness and soothe your soul.

Adharam Madhuram by Swasti Mehul created another version of this bhajan by making it more simplified. Surely you will enjoy it.

#7. Jot se jot jagate chalo ,Prem ki Ganga Bahate Chalo :

This song is part of the film based on Sant Gyaneshwar’s life, Sant Gyaneshwar was the 13th-century Marathi saint, poet, philosopher, and yogi of the Nath tradition. A great bhakti song, with a noble message to everyone to spread love to everyone, this is what humanity is required to do today to serve those who are living depressed, deprived, and poor. Based on ” Raag Bhairavi ” this song’s creation involves lyrics of Bharat Vyas, the divine voice of Lata Mangeshkar & Mukesh respectively, the excellent composition of Laxmikant-Pyarelal, and many others behind the curtain.

Young Gyaneshwar was an enlightened saint of this time, he performed many miracles and enriched Marathi Literature with his teachings. For his whole life, he worked for the common man.

No matter whether you are capable enough by materialistic means, you can easily spread this beautiful message to every single living creature with your love.

Beauty lies in each word of this song, enjoy this touching kirtan in two separate melodious voices from the same movie – Lata Mangeshkar & Mukesh.

Jot se Jot Jagate Chalo by Lata Mangeshkar
Jot Se Jot Jagate Chalo by Mukesh

#8. Tu Pyar ka Sagar Hai

Touching to the core of the heart! This song requires no words of appreciation or recognition. Just close your eyes and heal your soul.

You will surely where those people gone, who produced such wonderful music. You may call it Bhajan or prayer but it was really wonderfully produced by legends in 1955, penned by Shailendra, the devotional voice of Manna Dey and music by Shankar-Jaikishan, sung in ” Rag Darbari “, and super presentation by marvelous Balraj Sahni & Nutan this song will always remain immortal.

This is the essence & phalsapha of life – Tu pyar ka sagar hai, Teri ek boond ke pyase hum!

Tu Pyar Ka Sagar Hai

#9. Vishnu Sahastranam Stotram by MS Subbulakshmi & others

Vishnu Sahastranam by MS Subbulakshmi
Vishnu Sahastranam By Ishaan Pai

#10. Itni Shakti Hamein Dena data man ka vishwas Kamjor Ho Na:

There are times throughout our lives when we need to call on a higher source for the courage and strength to face the challenges that test our body, mind, and spirit, this motivating and spiritual “Prarthana” serves the purpose. This inspirational song is voiced by Pushpa Pagdhare & Sushma Sreshtha, Music by Kuldeep Singh, and penned by Abhilash.

Nice song to open your day with. Whenever you need motivation from yourself, just close your eyes, play the music and sing with it…

There are many schools in India where this powerful song energizes their young heart with inspiration!

#11. Ae maalik tere bande hum :

“Prayer is not asking. Prayer is a longing of the soul. It is the daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

‘ Ae Maalik Tere bande hum ‘ from ‘Do Aankhen Barah Haath ‘.Great song with a philosophical approach. It may be news to you, that the 1957 film won a Silver Bear at the 8th Berlin International Film Festival & it was also one of the first Indian films to win the Golden Globe Award in the category Samuel Goldwyn Award.

So true words & so is the prayer itself. The lyrics of the legendary V Shantaram, the divine voice of Lata Ji & composition of Vasant Desai made this song more powerful, whenever you need motivation for yourself, just close your eyes, play the music, and go with it…

#12Man Tarpat Hari Darsan ko Aaj :

This is an example of musical performance at its zenith. This epic Hindu traditional religious song based on Guru & God is sung by a devout Muslim Rafi Sahab, music is composed by Naushad and written by Shakeel Badayuni. Rafi Saab does the magic and this song mesmerizes everyone. This Muslim trio did their best to voice the supreme almighty Hindu religious bhajan or songs. This song is based on Rag Malkaush and will be remembered for many thousand years.

This is sung for his Guru by his student who wants to meet him but is unable to meet because the Master is not fit to come out. The power of the song and lyrics is so strong that expresses the universe of feelings in the most powerful way that encourages his master to come out of the hut to see his own master Lord Krishna. Guru is seen as very happy and his soul is fully pleased. The student is also happy to see his master happy. What a magical song!

Mind it one does not need religion to enjoy any of the art forms.

This is the list of the kind of music, which I call “Cosmic Music “, which is so powerful to heal the soul wherever it is & no matter what the form is, it gives pleasure to human, animal and also to plants & tree. This music represents the soul of the universe.

#13. Yashomati Maiya se Bole Nandlala

#14. Are Dwarpalo Kanhaiya Se Kah Do

  • Remix of Shyama Aan Baso Vrindavan & Arre Dwaarpalon Kanhaiya Se Kah Do | Sachet Parampara

#15. Hamko Man Ki Shakti Dena Man Vijay Karein

Some More notable Songs

Last but not least – A proud song of nationalism: ” Mile Sur Mera Tumhara “

I would like to complete this list of 10 with +1, a great composition developed in the 80s, but will be remembered forever which not only connects and binds all of us on this planet. This is also one of the most experimented & customized songs by many formal and informal groups. Just google it & you will find many, out of those I like two from the Indian community living overseas, Yahoo & Juniper. My salute to the Indian community at Yahoo & Juniper, so mesmerized to see the India you guys carry in your heart! , this is so touching, thanks.

Truly heart-touching, it mesmerizes us all, maybe one could literally feel it with moist eyes. For those who watched Doordarshan in the 80s, I am sure most of us remember this, if one could not -maybe it is buried somewhere deep in your consciousness.

This is truly incredible that our country could be with all the diverse cultures and languages. Be proud to be the citizens of India and stop showing and spreading the flaws of our nation. Just be United by joining our hands together, leaving behind the castes and creed for the country, and see no other country in the world could be as good as India could be. , because I believe India will show the way to the world towards peace, prosperity, and enlightenment.

Thank you everyone for reading this stuff.

This is an urge to everyone Please bookmark this list on your PC/Phone/tablet, please spread this powerful and mesmerizing music to your surroundings to spread positivity and use this list as a Brand Ambassador of Great Hindu/Indian Traditional Music/song. You may suggest your own list of Hindu/Hindi Devotional/religious Songs or music.

Parents and grandparents, please make a habit of listening to this classical music with your kids ( for at least 30 minutes a week in the beginning  ), they will surely love it and feel proud being Indian, as music not only connects with your roots but Where words fail, music speaks. Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.

Pls do comment for any corrections or you can suggest further additions to the list of religious/devotional Hindu/Hindi songs, which I am missing out, or for whatever your feedback is.

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