Best hair dryer in India for men and women

The way you present yourself creates a kind of your own brand. Once you become conscious about your dressing sense, you will start caring about various aspects including hairs. Hairs are an important part of someone’s identity and we care about our hairs with various types of products and accessories including hair oil, hair-massagers, shampoo & conditioners, and hair dryers. We have enlisted here the best hair dryer in India for both men and women.

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Hair dryer is one of the hair care accessories, that one can find in most of the households. Hairdryers can also be used many other things apart from hairs like drying some clothes or material etc.

When buying a hairdryer, one thing you should keep in mind that you don’t just settle for the cheapest one. Rather look for the one, which is safe to use and follows hair and scalp safety standards or norms.

Things to consider in buying a hair dryer in India:

  • Ceramic & Tourmaline hair dryers are suitable for all. While the Ceramic hair dryer ensures evenly distributed heat by blower, on the other hand, Tourmaline hair dryers help to retain the moisture of hairs. If you have thick hairs, you may choose it with Titanium material. Titanium material hairdryers are comparatively lightweight than Ceramic & Tourmaline.
  • Power or wattage: For personal hair dryer choose the hair dryer with the power range of 1200-1800 Watt. However, For a professional quality hair dryer, you may go for more wattage.
  • Weight: Prefer to go for hair dryer up to 500-gram weight.
  • Chord quality and length: top-quality cable with length more than 1.5 meters, which makes it long-lasting and easy to operate.
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Diffuser: If you have curly hairs, check if your hair dryer has a diffuser.
  • Concentrated nozzle for hair straightening.
  • The option of cold air or comes with a cool air button.

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Hope this list will help you to decide on buying a quality hair dryer in India for men and women.

We have selected following hair dryers in this list:

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