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What is your way of celebrating Holi – For Boys & Men

how do you celebrate Holi

Hey guys, wish you all a very happy, prosperous, passionate and fun-filled Holi this year!

Take this poll with joy!

In order to see the result of the poll, you have to share this Poll on Holi. We have intentionally done this.

Our only intention is to do a bit of our effort to regain the joy & fun, this amazing festival carries in it…

  • Pick your way or style of playing Holi:

    • holi coloured face of a man
      Jabardasti Rang Diya mujh Bechare ko, Rajia Gundon Main Fas Gayi… (Forced rubbing of colours on decent man who is also Holi resistant)
      Image from
    • man happily enjoying Holi
      I have no problem with Holi…I want to enjoy with you guys
      Image from
    • colourful and musical holi
      Rang Barse Bhige Chunar Wali, Rang Barse (Beau’s Holi Bundled with Colours, Music & Fun)
      Image from
    • holi at home with selfie
      Holi at home only that too by taking selfies, as a proof that you are Holi enthuciast
      Photo by Vishnu Nishad on Unsplash
    • Holi with buddies
      Yaron wali Holi / Holi with buddies
      Photo by Darpan Dodiya on Unsplash
    • Going mad on this Holi with Oil Paints & Advanced Colours
      Photo by Omkar Pandhare from Pexels
    • Super delicate Holi with Flowers
      Photo by Dharmesh Patel on Unsplash
    • This is a typical Indian Holi with huge gathering…Come, we will pour water on you!!!
      Photo by Yogendra Singh from Pexels
    • Holi with traditional dance
      Holi with group dance
      Photo by Debashis Biswas on Unsplash
    • I usually play Holi with kids, just to pass-on the charm, fun and passion of Holi to our new generation
      Image by shekharchopra85 from Pixabay
    • I play Adventureous Holi
      I play Adventureous Holi
      Image from Pexels
    • My Holi is like, I am alone & enjoying sitting beside a railaway track, just away from crowd
      My Holi is like I am alone & sitting aside a railway track and still enjoying it
      Photo by shashi rupapara from Pexels
    • holi with girls
      My Holi is already booked with Gals
      Image by Jan Cigánek from Pixabay

What do you think?

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