‘The Accidental Prime Minister’: why a ‘0’ star

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The Accidental Prime Minister movie review – this movie is based on a book -“The Accidental Prime Minister”, written by Mr. Sanjay Baru, who was the media advisor and chief spokesperson of then PM Shri Man Mohan Singh from the period of 2004 to 2008. The book is a memoir of Baru about his time in the Prime Ministers Office.

This controversial book was launched in another election year 2014, and now we have its Big Screen launch in this election year 2019.

We all know that very few people read political books, but most people would be very keen to watch it in the cinema hall, especially when all the characters are well-known contemporary public figures.

Let us have a look, at how the media rated this movie. Also, have a look at the difference between user or viewer reviews on the movie ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’-

The Accidental Prime Minister movie review by users/viewers on various platforms :

IMDB – (Rating 7.2/10), check it here and post your rating

Google – 82% liked it, check here

Book My Showcheck here

  • Users rating – 4.1 out of 5 star
  • 73% rated it with heart (love) sign

It seems that people have liked ‘The Accidental Prime Minister movie.

Mainstream media review

Times of India (Rating 3.5/5): At TOI platform, users have given it 4/5 ratings.  ”.

TOI review seems to be balanced one this time. However, earlier when Late Nikhat Kazmi used to review for TOI, most of the reviews used to show her own or political biases.

NDTV ( Rating 1.5/5) – “ The timing of The Accidental Prime Minister is no accident. But everything else about the film is. ”

Koimoi (Rating 2/5): “A Silent Disappointment!”

Firstpost (Rating 2/5): “Inelegant adaptation with blatant disregard for Manmohan Singh”

Jagaran : ( Rating 3/5) – “???????? ???????? ?? ??? ????”

AMAR UJALA : (Rating 3/5) – “?????? ?? ???? ????? ?????? ?? ? ?????????? ?????? ????????”

India Today: (Rating 1/5) – “Anupam Kher parodies Manmohan Singh in brazen propaganda”

Hindustan Times (Rating 1/5): “Anupam Kher delivers an appalling performance”

Indian Express (Rating: No Stars): “A shoddy propaganda film”

This is how Indian Express has given the ZERO star rating-

“The Accidental Prime Minister” movie rating: No stars

It’s so strange that Indian Express either denied to review it in terms of stars or gave it ‘Zero’ star. Even one comment from Mr. Rajesh Nair says – “This looks as like Congress spokesperson’s review rather than a movie review.” : (1.5 out of 5 stars) “A petty attack on the Gandhi family that lacks insight”

TV18 : (Rating 2.5/5) – “It Fails to Impress Despite Merits”

Rediff (Rating 2.5/5) : “Did Manmohan fight with Sonia?”

The Quint: (Rating 3/5 Star) – “‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ Has More Than One Accidental Hero”

Summary of reviews

Star Rating
(out of 5)
Name of Media
0 (Zero)Indian Express
1India Today, Hindustan Times
1.5Scroll. in, NDTV
2Koi Moi, First Post
2.5Rediff, TV18
3Dainik Jagaran, Amar Ujala
3.5Times of India

It’s up to you viewers, what message you get from this list.

By reviewing a good or at least one-time watchable movie, which is being dumped by one newspaper and by not giving any stars, they are literally exposing themselves. If the media thinks that by not giving any star, they can stop people from watching it, they are completely wrong.

It seems that a certain section of media always acts with bias, on anything which hammers certain establishments, and any such thing probably does not go well with their interests.

By doing such unhealthy reporting, the media is digging the grave for themselves.

Read another media review of the movie Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana.

Post your review in the comment box below along with their rating on a scale of 5.

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